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Hello, I really enjoyed "Wingmen". It was a lot clever than it looked, if that's a compliment, and I've gone back to reread. Loved learning so much about the Pacific theatre. You mentioned a new book, called Fighters. Is it out yet please as I can't seem to find it? Keep writing!


I finished reading your book yesterday and now I am having a massive book-hangover.

That was so good, god, I have never thought that I would be so, So involved into the book such a specific topic (I am talking about war planes and fights in the air), but I simply couldn't put this book down! I read it in two days, and that was amazing! Unforgettable experience. You are a master of hooking the reader with this or that paragraph, details, and the plot is so ... tense up to the end!

Also that is very inspiring. See, I try to write some stories too, and your book is a brilliant example of how a writer should work with a text.

Thank you very much for your book. I wish you all the best.

With great respect,

Hi Ensan,
I feel like crying right now. I don't know know why i always assumed you would be some old writer who was long gone before i ever stole your book off my father's bookshelf at 12, that was 24 years ago. I still have the very same copy tattered but still very loved and it is still my best book. Thank you for a very very beautiful book. I was looking to find what year the original book for published because i just listed it somewhere as my best book when i came across this page.

I hope you are well and still writing. God bless you

Hi Ensan,

First, thanks so much for 'Wingmen'. A fantastically well researched and evocative novel of men during wartime. Now, your post about your next book "Fighters" isn't dated, so I don't know when to expect it. Are you any closer to completing it as it will be on my shopping list immediately.

Sincere thanks for a book I've read a couple of times already - and one that will be re-read in the future.

Cheers, Rod Keech, Australia

I did 20 years in the police, too. I hope you enjoy Wingmen. And watch here and other blogs for my next novel as Ensan Case, "Fighters", which should be ready in the couple of months. Thanks for being a reader.

I have a copy of Wingmen Just found it at Little Sister's Bookstore last year and finally going to read it. I did briefly read parts. I was in the military for many years. Then worked as a police officer. Now been a correction officer for the last 20 years of my life. I suspect Wingmen will be an enjoyable read. Excited to find your page on line. Peace from Roger

Affirmative. Entitled "Fighters", about three quarters complete. Set in same time frame as "Wingmen", first in Oahu and then in England prior to D-Day. Fred Trusteau makes a cameo appearance in the court martial of the Army general he almost shot shown on the training cruise. Definitely not a clone of "Wingmen". No Duane Higgins here. Two "bears", (an Army Colonel and a pre-war professional boxing trainer,) develop an intense, loving, but curiously non-romantic sexual relationship before being pulled apart by the war. Much more war-era humor. A lesbian surgeon with a great sense of humor. Several clearly gay characters who Colonel Dixon protects because they are competent soldiers or pilots. A poignant separation followed by an equally poignant post-war reunion. Who survives, who doesn't, including some of Colonel Dixon's straight friends? Watch for it in the first quarter of 2016. Thank you immensely for being a reader. Maybe between the two of us we can turn things around.

Yours truly,

Ensan Case

I read Wingman in 1979 and bought a new copy last year since the old one is falling apart. I have introduced the book to many friends and all loved it. Any chance you will wright another book?

The Freds and Jacks of yesterday, who sacrificed much for this country, must be proud to see openly LGB service personnel as well as marriage equality in the U.S. We all have sacrificed much so that young people can grow up free to be all of themselves. This book shows the best and worst sides of the human spirit, and reminds me that I am proud to be an American.

Reading WINGMEN for the third time and just WOW!. Truly wonderful.

I've always been a huge fan of the 1940's for some reason, always particularly centered around the Second World War, after I saw the movie Pearl Harbor I became obsessed with the history an the event that brought America into WW2, of the U.S.S. Arizona, of the old P40's, B17's, the Supermarine's and the Messerschmit's fighters and bombers of the era.

Recently I started wanting a good story to read, an as a young gay man I wanted something I could relate to, I figured what better way than to find a romance novel centered around WW2, and late one night I decided to google to see what I could find as many trips to book stores were unsuccessful ventures. Wingmen was one of the results that came about in my search. I bought the book on a whim, after noticing how long ago it was written, I didn't think it would be a book that would capture my interest. I bought it online along with two other stories, saving Wingmen for last. The others were ok reads an with my obsessive personality over good stories I did center on those for a few months, an just about a week ago decided to give Wingmen a shot. Instantly I was hooked.

I really get into stories, weather they be movies or books. Within the hour I was laughing, smiling to the words written, not working up the nerve to put the book down, for the desire to find out what happens in the next chapter overwhelmed me. I finished the book cover to cover in a day and a half, an by the time I reached the end of the epilogue, I'm not ashamed to admit it, I cried. I was moved an so involved in the story, the next day I bought the audio book and have listened to it twice already. I'm a flight Attendant for a global airline, an every layover I had the last two weeks I would lock myself in my room an get right back to the story.

I know I'm sure I sound like a weird 24 year old guy, but I'm definitely different than most gay men I know. I don't see this book as a gay novel, I see it was one of the best love stories I've ever read. I've promoted this book to anyone who will listen to me go on about it. I know this story is now my favorite of all time, an I will constantly reflect back on the, though fictional, love story of Jack Hardigan and Fred Trusteau. It is my absolute firm believe that if Brokeback Mountain, a 30 page short story can be made into a movie, than this book should undoubtedly be made into the same. I thank the author for his stroke of brilliance in writing this story, an I know it'll stay with me throughout my life.

-Cody J. Kramer
Seattle, WA (now Dallas, TX)

Wingmen was a recent selection for our reading group. We are gay men and several of us have military experience. It was thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you from Third Coast Readers in Michigan.

An absolutely first rate novel that is epic in scope. Would definitely rank this, along with E.M. Forster's Maurice, as the best gay fiction novel ever written. The author deftly tells a tale that is both powerful and mesmerizing, filled with adventure, sweeping romance, and astonishing beauty. This is top drawer fiction at its best. Truly unforgettable, and once read, stays with the reader forever (and will perhaps become one of their favorite novels of all time, as it has become mine). Jack and Fred dwell as heroes of the imagination. A triumph and tour-de-force of gay fiction.

Thanks again, Joe and Tim.

Here is my WINGMEN story; About twelve years ago, my partner (now my husband) was rummaging through a local Second Hand Books Store when he spotted the original WINGMEN paperback selling for fifty-cents. As my partner is a World War II vet (Navy) and a fan of historic fiction, he bought the copy. Neither he nor I knew anything about WINGMEN when he purchased it. One night during our reading hour he suddenly turned to me and said, "Tim, you're not going to believe me but I think this is actually a Gay novel -- and it's a GOOD gay novel."

After both of us had finished WINGMEN, I went to ABE Books, the ultimate web site for used books, in quest for additional copies. It was then, when I read that some copies were going NOT for fifty-cents, but for $150.00 that I realized WINGMEN had deservedly morphed into a "cult/forgotten masterpiece-status book." I passed our copy on to a circle of friends when finally, after about ten readings, the paltry AVON binding gave way.

Needless to say, I am delighted WINGMEN is back in print. Both my partner and I have downloaded the ebook to our Kindles. In addition, I purchased two copies in paperback and distributed them to younger gay readers, telling both about the importance of WINGMEN as one of the first QUALITY works of gay fiction. I also intend writing THE GAY AND LESBIAN REVIEW to encourage that publication to regard WINGMEN as a major work in American gay literature.

Both my husband and another Navy vet (now passed away) agree Mr. Case actually catches the true tension of being gay in the WWII Navy. Both regard the characters and the descriptions in WINGMEN as being totally accurate.

Thank you, Mr. Case, for not only writing WINGMEN, but for caring enough about your work to resurrect its publication.

I'm in the middle of the novel and love this book so much. The writing, the story, the characters--wow. Thanks so much. I hate for it to end.

If they have they haven't told me about it. Email me via the contact tab. E. Case

Has anyone optioned the film rights yet for this novel? Because I am working on a screen play of it!

I bought and read Wingmen when it was first published. I am about your age. I love this book. I have read it so many times that my copy is literally falling apart so I'm glad I can buy a new one. I have been looking for information about you for a very long time. Years ago I contacted Avon but they didn't have a clue. I always assumed you were much older and perhaps had served during WWII. I'm happy to know you're still around. Check out the history of the True Value hardware chain and you will see some incredible similarities to the characters in your story. Thanks for a wonderful book.
Frank Asterita

Just finished reading WING MAN and really enjoyed it. My father was a fire control specialist on a sub tender in WWII and was an avid Acey Deaucey player so I enjoyed your mentioning that game. It has inspired me to teach my sons to play. I think this is an important work and should be read widely. If I had any reservations about supporting gay marriage before I certainly do not now. Thank you so much for writing this book.

I picked up the re-printed Wingman from my local library and was enthralled. It is rare to find a WW2 airmen's history that has such clear characters, and that shows the difficulties of a gay romance in difficult times too. I'm pleased to hear that an e-book is available. I'm in New Zealand, and postage costs are more than the cost of a book, and the delays are very reminiscent of mail deliveries in the book. :-)

I'd heard about this book quite some time ago, but like so many others had great difficulty finding an affordable copy. Imagine my surprise when I learned it was going to be reprinted! I have now owned my copy for a little over three months, and am already on my second read-through! I greatly enjoy the characters, everything from their pain to their joy as they attempt to survive the war. The plot development is excellent and gives a real sense what life was like. Having no military experience, I'll admit my need to refer to the internet on multiple occasions to interpret the many acronyms used throughout the novel, but that just added to the fun! I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading this book, and it was worth every minute! A truly enjoyable read!

Hello Ensan, I was in the Air Force at the time, about 8 years younger than you. I bought the book when I was in Germany. Please keep in mine that being in the military with my status was difficult. Your book was an amazing story that I have continue to read over and over-it helped me be more comfortable with who I was. If there is one thing I have to ask you, why did Fred and Jack not be more forth coming with each other; especially, once they got out of the military? I am well aware of the time period and the in the closet mentality that was necessary to survive, but at least something to show they really cared about each other. Lastly, thank you for an amazing book, I will treasure it forever.

A friend had been telling me about this book for years, and when he found out it had been republished I bought a copy through TLA and read it in one night. I literally could not put it down.

I read this excellent work when it was first published and I was still in college. I laughed, cried, I totally enjoyed every page. Like an idiot I loaned my copy to a gay friend, and it never made its way home again. Forty years later I bought another copy through Alibris for about ten times the original cover price. Y'know what, it was worth it to have an old friend back. It's the kind of book you don't forget, and can re-read periodically for life. Like C.S.Forester's Hornblower novels. I had a grandfather aboard U.S.S. Lexington when she went down, and so everything in this book resonated with me. It was wonderful news to learn that not only was the author still alive, but that the book is in republication. You will NEVER regret buying a copy.

Great cover! I believe I read on a blog somewhere that Cheyenne was offering a free poster of the cover art as a promotion. Please give some thought to offering it for sale. Large enough to put in a nice frame would be cool. I love the barely visible star and bars on the left wing!

Is this true? Oh my god, it is so wonderful! I've heard a lot about Wingmen and how it is a great book, so I really want to buy it. I searched for the book in all the bookstores of my city, but I cannot find it. On Amazon, they sell the book for over 70$. I am really happy to hear the news and I wish I can soon have a copy of the book!
A question: how can I get an autogrtaphed copy of the book?

This is wonderful news! I'm so excited about the prospect of finally being able to acquire my own copy of this book. Will the book/signed copies be available for international shipping? - F. Kopelman, Sweden

Wingmen is one of my favorite novels, so this was amazing news! Definitely spreading the word!

Wonderful news. A great way to start the New Year. Let's spread the news, so that Ensan Case's sells and sells and sells. J S Lasher, documentary film prod.

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